Pluspaket Företag – passande för fåmansbolag

15 990 SEK
/Fixed price

Business package plus

Suitable for you who need extra power to develop your digital business!

Detta paket rekommenderar vi till dig som redan finns på nätet och kanske även tagit steget in på sociala medier men nu är redo att ta nästa steg, perfekt för ett fåmansbolag!

Here we work to have the right focus regarding your visitors and we clarify the purpose of the website and what you want your visitors to do. Here we work to create a good user experience that fulfills the function of your business with an ongoing process to optimize the desired result and we work based on a clear digital media plan. The work takes place in constant communication with you so that the end result is as good as you expected. For us, it is important that your company's vision is reflected on the website.

When producing or updating an existing website, it is important to find what sets you apart from your competitors, as a website can be likened to your actual shop window. In a joint workshop, we determine what is unique about your business in order to ensure your corporate identity. With a clear identity and message on your website, you create a strong relationship and security with visitors, which results in more and better business. In this way, your website has the potential to continue to grow in the future.

Med oss är din hemsida är alltid optimerad och up-to-date. Vi garanterar driftsäkerhet, leveranskrav och att hemsidan är aktuell för dina besökare. Som kund hos oss är du i trygga händer! Skaffa en hemsida till ditt fåmansbolag idag!


Do you also want to get more customers? Ring oss idag så berättar vi hur!

Case4you – E-commerce

Case4you is a customer we have worked with for a long time. We started our collaboration with a focus on paid advertising and optimization of their e-commerce. 

Together we developed a digital strategy with a focus on content marketing and keyword optimization and much more. Since then, the company has increased turnover by more than 30% per year.

Case4you's vision is to deliver products that are user-friendly with high quality and therefore it was important in the creation to convey the feeling of exclusivity that the brand conveys. The homepage is a simple and user-friendly page that makes it easy for users to navigate around.


Visit the website
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Detta ingår för fåmansbolag

Included in the first 3 months of our WP operation & maintenance package
(Value of 1 770 SEK)
of course also our expertise in WordPress

Personal service

Something we are a little extra passionate about is giving each customer fast and personal service.

Sucuri Security Check

Make sure your WordPress websites are clean. If some files become infected, you will be able to detect it in time.

Plugins & themes

Update and test for conflicts before releasing to your site. So that everything works as it should.


Incremental, reliable, comes with on-site storage and can run on a one-hour cycle.

Status reports

Get regular status reports on how your website is doing, updates that have been carried out, attacks that have been prevented, etc.

SEO Ranking

Track how your keyword rankings change, find out who your competitors are and how competitive you are.

Uptime monitor

Monitors your site if it goes down, so you can get it back online before anyone else notices.

Performance control

Have an insight into what is happening with your WordPress website and how it works.

Safe update

Secure Updates automatically creates a restore point for you, making updating safer than ever.

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Do you want to know more?

Maybe you know what you want help with or maybe have an idea of ​​what you would like to create? We exist to help you with all kinds of technical solutions within WordPress websites.

Boost your business, contact us today for help with your website and digital marketing!




    Some examples of what we can offer help with includes adjusting the appearance of a contact form, improving the way the mobile version looks, simplifying the editing mode on WordPress websites, regular technical management and offering you full WP support when you need help .

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