Expert Support for your WordPress website

Support & WordPress guidance for your website

Maybe you know what you want help with or maybe have an idea of ​​what you would like to create? We exist to help you with all kinds of technical solutions within WordPress websites.

Some examples of what we can offer help with includes adjusting the appearance of a contact form, improving the way the mobile version looks, simplifying the editing mode on WordPress websites, regular technical management and offering you full WP support when you need help .

Do you have questions about WordPress?
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While you can focus on your own business, we are your WordPress technical supervisors! Through projects, management and WP support, you get help with your WordPress website through us so that you can spend your time on your own. Through us you get professional help with both maintenance and further development of your website as your business also grows and your preferences, ideas and visions develop!

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Get help directly via remote assistance with your WordPress website

We offer support with websites for both small and large matters. Here below, you can easily book 30 minutes of remote assistance via your computer from professional help from SEK 399 to get help with all your possible wishes or concerns regarding your website.

We work as a fullservice web agency, to be able to help you with your needs to succeed with your online business. Take advantage of our broad knowledge of CMS, web, digital marketing to help you move forward with your business.

Take advantage of our operation & maintenance package and get regular help with your WordPress website today!and get regular help with your WordPress website today!

We take no responsibility if the customer does not have login details for their web hosting, no returns will be made if details are missing.
We reserve the right to any price changes.

Introduction to WordPress

We want all beginners with the CMS-tool to quickly get started with their new website. That is why we have produced a free WordPress introduction where you get tips & advice from experts, best practice and an overview of the various parts within the CMS tool. This is included when booking WP support for at least one time slot, get answers to any questions directly through remote assistance via your computer.

Remote assistance for the WordPress editing tool

With remote help, you can easily get WordPress help with your website through your computer, wherever you are in the world quickly and easily. Book easily among available time slots, from 30 minutes for only SEK 399. Use your time more efficiently and let experts give you help and support, for your website so you can focus on other things. Via your computer, you can more easily explain and receive support regarding WordPress challenges, which website owners encounter on a daily basis.

Design edits for your WordPress website

We help you make design changes to your WordPress website, e.g. change colors, placement of different parts, layout adaptations, etc. for desktop/tablet/smartphones. Get WordPress help with these design improvements, easily with remote help via your computer. We adapt the design according to your wishes, then we help you restyle your website. Book help to change your website's design from SEK 549.

Book help to change your email address or password on your website

Can't reset your password on your website? Can't remember what email address you have registered?
Via remote assistance, we can help you by logging in together with you via your web hosting provider's control panel. Thereby manually changing your email address or your password on your WordPress website.

Book quickly and easily via our booking form above - for only SEK 199.

Support to install Google Analytics/Google Tag manager /Google Search Console

Of course you want to know more about your customers who visit your website. It is equally interesting for a website owner who has an information website or runs an online store, to learn more about their visitors. One of the more industry-standard tools out there now is to use Google Analytics (GA4). Then when you start using digital marketing for your business online, tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console also become very relevant to your business. With these tools can see more deeply how a customer visits one, track their behavior on the website and be able to track sales/conversions on the website.

You will be helped to install these tools on your website, if you do not already have this - we recommend all website owners to take advantage of these tools.

Can't find what you're looking for? Book other Technical Support for your website

It sometimes happens that you get other problems with your website, e.g. mail from the contact form does not arrive or you receive a lot of spam messages via the website.
For that reason, our website services have "Other Technical Support", this is for everything concerning your website that may not be directly WordPress related.
On our FAQ-page we have collected 10 of the most common questions we usually get from our customers, maybe you will find answers to your questions there already.
We have broad technical knowledge in web and IT, so we can help you simply and smoothly via remote assistance - let us fix the website, so you can focus on other things.

Remote assistance for your WooCommerce webshop

As an e-retailer, you have many balls in the air, sometimes you simply don't have time for all the technical parts that need to be done when running e-commerce with WooCommerce as an online store. Get WooCommerce support directly via your computer with remote assistance, get help with questions and practical parts regarding WooCommerce, e.g. problems with payment methods, logistics connections or other third-party solutions such as accounting via Fortnox. Book help to solve your e-commerce problems faster, so you can focus on other things. WooCommerce support from SEK 649.

Migration help for your WordPress website between web hosts

It happens that you outgrow or become dissatisfied with your web host and thus need to move your website and domain. We offer a fixed price for a smooth transition to your new web hosting. Book moving help here above for a fixed price - SEK 1390 moving help for your WordPress website.

Tailor-made solutions & new web application development

In the case of tailor-made solutions or new developments, we make an estimate for the work, then offer a fixed price for the work to the customer. (hourly rate SEK 1000 excl. VAT) Take advantage of our long experience in web application development, by helping you take your idea into a finished product or service. We worked with several e-commerce customers, and have partners in payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal, Klarna, Marginalen bank to name a few. Contact us for a free website price proposal for your next web project, further development of your website or online store.