Full service package

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Full service package

When the web is an important channel for the company's communication.

There is a website, but now you want to optimize the results within all digital channels and get increased traffic and more sales via your website.
Vårt Fullservicepaket är en helt skräddarsydd paketering där din hemsida är helt optimerad för att nå dina affärsmässiga mål.

WPhemsida is your digital partner, through a joint workshop we set the framework and priorities for a digital media plan and design a website that maintains capacity both in terms of design but also a world-class customer experience. We take overall responsibility and manage operation and updates for you.

In a joint workshop, we determine what is unique about your business in order to ensure your corporate identity. With a clear identity and message on your website, you create a strong relationship and security with visitors, which results in more and better business. A good investment to let your business grow!

With us, your website is always optimized and up-to-date. We guarantee operational reliability, delivery requirements and that the website is up-to-date for your visitors. As a customer with us, you are in safe hands!

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Xlash – E-commerce

The assignment we received from the start was both for functions and design of the e-commerce solution. In addition to high security and clear structure, it was important for us to convey the feeling of exclusivity that the brand conveys.

Here we have been given the honor of taking a more comprehensive role over the digital business and act from a consulting role with a holistic approach to the total delivery for online sales.

As a support leg and the role of pure outsourced web agency, we continuously work together with everything from traffic-driving paid advertising to website design and conversion optimization.

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Included in the first 3 months of our WP operation & maintenance package
(Value of 1 770 SEK)
of course also our expertise in WordPress

Personal service

Something we are a little extra passionate about is giving each customer fast and personal service.

Sucuri Security Check

Make sure your WordPress websites are clean. If some files become infected, you will be able to detect it in time.

Plugins & themes

Update and test for conflicts before releasing to your site. So that everything works as it should.


Incremental, reliable, comes with on-site storage and can run on a one-hour cycle.

Status reports

Get regular status reports on how your website is doing, updates that have been carried out, attacks that have been prevented, etc.

SEO Ranking

Track how your keyword rankings change, find out who your competitors are and how competitive you are.

Uptime monitor

Monitors your site if it goes down, so you can get it back online before anyone else notices.

Performance control

Have an insight into what is happening with your WordPress website and how it works.

Safe update

Secure Updates automatically creates a restore point for you, making updating safer than ever.

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I want to know more?

Maybe you know what you want help with or maybe have an idea of ​​what you would like to create? We exist to help you with all kinds of technical solutions within WordPress websites.

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    WordPress Hemsida - Fullservicepaket för företag


    Some examples of what we can offer help with includes adjusting the appearance of a contact form, improving the way the mobile version looks, simplifying the editing mode on WordPress websites, regular technical management and offering you full WP support when you need help .

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