This is how you can build a website with WordPress

We help private individuals as well as small and medium-sized companies to get started or to build a website with the WordPress tool. Below, we tell you how to create a website in WordPress in three steps. We present the most important foundation stones that you can then build on based on your visions and needs.

Get started to build a website

Step 1 - Choose domain

Here on the left, you can easily search through various top-level domains such as .com, .se, .eu, .nu etc. Depending on the type of domain, prices vary - to get started with WP, you need to start with a domain.

You will probably notice that some domain names you test are taken, unfortunately it is "first come first serve" that applies here. In some cases, it is possible to contact the owner of the domain with an offer to buy it off.

Once you choose a domain address, you purchase it, locking it to you for years to come. Usually, domain addresses are purchased for one year at a time, in some cases also for longer periods. After you find and purchase the perfect domain address, we activate it for you. Keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours before a domain is activated.

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Step 2 - Get a web hosting

Once you buy a domain, it has to "live" somewhere. This is where web hosting/hosting comes into play. A web hosting is a server that "hosts" (stores) all your website's files.

There is a sea of web hosting, both Swedish and foreign, all with their advantages and disadvantages. We have chosen to cooperate with Flywheel, which is pure WordPress Premium hosting. For a faster, stable and scalable web hosting. Built from the ground up with Google Cloud technology.

We have made it easy for you. We support you in the purchase of a domain and web hosting. Then we fix everything around: Activating the domain against a website and creating a database, email addresses, backup and all other configurations that you need.

Kom igång bygga hemsida
Start with buying yourself a domain

Step 3 - Install WordPress

Like that! Now the domain is selected, paid for and activated and the web hosting is fixed. The last step remains, namely installing the WP editor. We carry out the installation for you and learn the basic features of WP you need to know to start building your website or blog. As a starting point, you will have a functioning WordPress website or blog, which you can work on yourself by changing the theme, design, installing plugins or perhaps opening an online store.

Help, I don't understand?!

We understand that it can feel a little complicated at first, so you can book remote assistance to get an overview of these steps and the basic functions of WordPress.
If something is unclear, you can talk to us in our chat or email us via our contact form. No questions are too stupid, we have been beginners too and always look forward to learning more how to's, so ask away!

You can always get help from start to launch with your new WordPress website, it always includes an introduction to the WP editing tool.

Good luck!

Get Premium hosting for your WordPress website

WordPress webbhotell Premium
Premium WordPress management for your website


We offer Flywheel Premium WordPress hosting, built on Google Cloud technology to suit different customer needs and global challenges. The goal is to provide flexible and powerful services for a stable, high performance WordPress installation and with a scalable technology. Flywheel is a pure WordPress premium platform.

Built from the ground up for WordPress, with performance and security in focus already at the server level. With our partner, you don't need to have any cache plugins or other Malware plugins, this is handled by Flywheel server technicians.


Oderland was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters and servers in Gothenburg. Oderland is a premium hotel that strives to deliver a high-performance and trouble-free service to its customers. They offer a high level of service and support to their customers, and they offer support in Swedish and English. Their customer service has good skills and has a good workflow, also offering fast support. 

What makes Oderland unique is that they work with a clear focus on quality, rather than quantity, which stands out in comparison to many of their competitors.

WordPress Hemsida - Så här kan du bygga hemsida med WordPress
Premium WordPress management for your website


Loopia is one of the oldest players and largest in the Swedish market and has its headquarters in Västerås, also where the majority of their servers are located. They have mainly marketed themselves to private individuals, small companies, and medium-sized companies. Loopia's goal is to provide its customers with a quality website, which is fully functional, with several services within web hosting. Loopia offers support in Swedish and English.

Loopia is a solid choice as they have been in the market for 20 years and will no doubt continue to offer website solutions for x number of years to come.